Sunday 23 May 2010

Day 9 - Yvre L'Eveque to Sermaise

It was an early start, as the aim for this day was to get to Jarze , (the nearest village to Sermaise with shops) and get ingredients for a BBQ, then have a BBQ in the courtyard. They therefore concentrated on this, stopping briefly at La Fleche for lunch.

Again, it was a very hot day to be cycling, and the lizards were again to be seen enjoying the sun. Sleepy villages, open roads and green countryside - the kms flashed by and the lure of the BBQ and beer beckoned.......

They DID make it in time to get their sausages, lamb steaks and baguettes etc and the butcher was bemused when he asked where they'd cycled from and he received the reply " England"! Joe then added that the meat was good!!

When they cycled into Sermaise they were delighted to have reached their goal. It was very very hot - 28 degrees in the shade in the courtyard.

Vital Statistics : Yvre L'Eveque to Sermaise 92Km, Average speed 16.4km/h. Cycling time 5hrs 40 mins.
Cumulative distance was about 660 km.

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