Sunday, 17 January 2010

Big Wheel – What it’s all about

Myself and a friend, Pierre, have been talking for a while about doing a cycle trip across France.  Basic route is Calais, Le Touquet, Arras and on to Angers in the Loire Valley.  Overall distance is approx 700Km.  Coming back, we will take a train (TGV and Eurostar) from Angers back to London

So to move things on from talking about it to doing it, we discussed various dates and finally decided best dates were  14th to the 23rd May 2010.  Plan is to do the trip without a support vehicle – so we will need to carry all the camping gear and other items with us on the bikes.

We met up in a pub (Edgar Wallace nr Temple) on 14th Jan 2010 to look at options and actually made a decision to do it.

We will use this blog to give updates on planning and of course on the trip itself.  So keep an eye on this blog to see how we are getting on.

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