Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Only 3 Days to Go..

Well only 3 days to go and we are off.  First leg of the trip is take the train to Charing (our furthest point on the Dry Run - see below) and then cycle to the Holiday Inn near the Channel Tunnel terminal.  More details on this first leg here later.

I did a 38km run over Biggin Hill and Westerham Hill today.  It’s a bit late for training now, but felt I needed to do something.   Google Earth link below.   I know why they named it Biggin Hill now – it’s steep.  Still a restorative pint of Harveys Best Bitter at the Grasshopper on the Green at Westerham http://www.grasshopperonthegreen.com/ helped a lot.

Cycling route below : Note GPS lost signal for a bit of the trip, hence the straight line over the trees.


I’ve got my bike booked in for a service tomorrow at Bromley Bike – it will need a check over before setting off.

New pedals are great – highly recommended.  I can choose between a flat pedal or a clip-in pedal.  Flat pedal is great in busy traffic.

Also been busy route planning – trying to find a suitable route with easily available campsites or cheap hotels is proving a lot more complex than I thought.

I’m hoping my “Assistant” (Penny) can update this as we go along – so watch this space.

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