Tuesday, 9 February 2010

First Cycle ride of 2010

As it’s not actually snowing today, I took my new bike out for a quick spin in a local park.  Idea was to get used to the gears, how it steers and the clipless pedals with my (new) Shimano cycling shoes.  So ended up doing a 10km run reaching a max speed on the flat  of 30km/h for a few seconds.  (Apologies to those people who work in miles, but I work in kilometres).  Pleased to find I didn’t fall off and that my legs didn’t hurt afterwards.  Bike is a pleasure to ride, responsive without feeling like it’s going to throw me off at every bump.

I’ll need a bit more practice with the clipless pedals if I’m to avoid falling over when I stop and looking like a real prat – especially in traffic or when I have to stop suddenly because of a bus, dog,  car driver who doesn't look etc.

So very pleased with equipment – now just need to get some real training in, 14th May is not that far away.

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